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Let me start with the definition as usual : An infant bed (commonly referred to as a cot in British English, and in American English a crib) is a small bed specifically for infants and very young children. Infant beds are a historically recent development intended to contain a child capable of standing.

The cage-like design of infant beds restricts the child to the bed. Around two or three years of age, children are able to climb out and that’s why they move to a toddler bed to prevent an injurious fall while escaping the bed.

Infant beds are designed to restrict the baby to the bed. The sides are too high for a baby to climb and provide no footholds. Technical standards for infant beds include considerations such as the materials used and preventing hand and head entrapment.

Here are a couple of example crib pictures – Best Selling / Top Rated and Lowest Priced Cribs:

If you want to check all different kinds of cribs, here’s the link for Crib pageCribs (Infant Bed) from Amazon.

You probably have to have a crib – even if you have already purchased bassinet or co-sleeper for the beginning. Because you will need to use a crib probably the first 2 years (a bassinet will not be enough after first 4-5 months).

There are so many different model cribs on stores now. I had a basic one with the wheels which was very convenient for me: It was easy to move the crib near your bed at nights, and during the day it was again easy to move the crib near the window to get some sunlight for the baby.

Some cribs are convertible. That means after 2 years you can convert your crib to a toddler bed or even convert a full size bed.

If you will have only one child, buying a convertible crib is very logical. You will only need a different mattress when you convert it to a toddler bed. But if you are planning more than one child, I don’t suggest spending money on a convertible crib, because they are more expensive than regular cribs.

Also what is important when you are choosing crib is the mattress height setting. You should look for a crib with at least a couple of different heights that can be set :

  • In the beginning you wouldn’t want to bend too much to take the baby from crib especially if you had a c-section; or you wouldn’t want to wake the baby when you’re trying to put him/her into the crib. You should be able to put the mattress to a higher level, so those actions will be easy for you.
  • After some time when your baby starts to pull himself up, you will need to put the mattress in a lower position for the baby’s security. He/she needs to stay in the crib, not jump out of  the crib.

I suggest to have a bassinet for the first couple of months (depending your baby’s height / weight) and then moving him/her to a crib until the little one becomes about 2 years old. And then you can move him/her to a toddler bed.

I have collected a number of cool, beautiful, and useful crib pictures around the web. Please take a look, and decide the one for your baby 🙂


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