You cannot (or better you should not) use anything to cover your baby while s/he is sleeping before one year old, because of the security reasons.

Product safety experts advise against using blankets along with pillows, overly soft mattresses, sleep positioners, bumper pads, stuffed animals, or fluffy bedding in the crib and recommend instead dressing the child warm and keeping the crib “naked”.

If you decide to use blankets, they should not be placed over an infant’s head. It has been recommended that infants should be covered only up to their chest with their arms exposed. This reduces the chance of the infant shifting the blanket over his or her head.

Even if you decide not to use blankets in the crib, probably you will need couple blankets to go out or for strollers.

Now; let’s see the different types of baby blankets:

Swaddle blankets

Babies coming from a very tight place – mom’s womb. When they are new born, they don’t like the extra space very much, usually. Some babies get calm when you wrap them tightly. With these blankets wrapping them is very easy. Even though I bought one, I’ve never used because both my sons loved the space immediately. They didn’t want to be wrapped.

Receiving blankets

Receiving blankets are typically for newborns. The blanket can be placed around the baby for warmth and used for swaddling. It can also be thrown over a parent’s shoulder while the baby is being burped or tossed on the floor so that the baby will have a clean place to be changed. Receiving blankets are typically fairly small, about 1 square yard.

Hospitals use receiving blankets to wrap newborns snugly to lessen the shock of their new, open environment.

Many come in the standard baby colors of pink and blue. Green and yellow are popular for those who don’t yet know the gender of the expected baby.

Smaller newborns and premature infants in particular have difficulty regulating their body temperature. An important aspect of the receiving blanket is that it is generally made of thin material so you can wrap the baby in as many layers as necessary and add or subtract layers as the environment demands.

Sleeping bag

You don’t need to go camping with your little one to use one of these. Since you can’t put any blanket to your baby while s/he is sleeping, it is very nice to have that bag. This sleeping bag will keep him/her warm and safe while he is sleeping.

Baby Blanket DIY

You can create you own DIY baby blanket in a very short time. In Pinterest there are many examples. You can take a look through Pinterest application.

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