Bedding Sets

Basically, bedding sets are special packages that have everything for a crib. You can find very luxury ones (has a mobile with the same design as the the other pieces in the set) and regular ones. It all depends on your budget.

These are the items that you can find in a bedding set :

  • Crib quilt,
  • crib bumper,
  • fitted sheet,
  • crib skirt,
  • diaper stacker,
  • toy bag,
  • baby pillow etc…

Some sets even have baby mittens. The items that I’ve listed above can be in the bedding set… Meaning, not necessarily all the bedding sets will have all those items in it. So, check the set before buying.

If you ask me, these are the only 2 things that you really need in a baby crib bedding set:

  • At least two fitted sheets.
  • Bumper

After babies start rolling over, they may bump their head or foot on sides of crib. Or sometimes even worse, babies’ arm or feet may get stuck between crib rails. The bumpers protect babies from these little accidents.

(especially) For your first baby, you will wake up in the middle of the nights to check him/her; to see if he is sleeping or to listen his/her breathing to make sure everything is ok [I want to write a story of ours related with this below, a funny one]. And if you see the little one’s head is just next to bumper, you will start worrying if s/he will be able to breathe enough. Because of this I suggest you to buy a breathable bumper; so you will have one less thing to worry.

The other items in the bedding sets are for decoration purposes mainly. I’m not saying that they are unnecessary; they really look cute (and I bought one of them, too). But if your budget is a little tight, or you see these decorations unnecessary, you can simply skip them and just buy sheets and bumper.


Here’s my little story: We were keep checking our first son during the night when he was newly born, to see if he is breathing, if he is ok, if he is in the correct position etc. One night, my husband came back from the bathroom. The light was on in the bathroom, so when he was back to our room (no light), he wasn’t able to see our son clearly. To make sure he was ok, he came really close to him… Maybe only an inch away from his face, at that moment he has noticed that our son was awake and his eyes were wide open :-)))) He has scared and literally jumped back…. Now whenever we remember this, we laugh a lot, but it wasn’t fun for him at that night.


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