Rising up at night to nurse your little one can turn out to be tiring. And because babies are known to wake up quite often at night, it means there are high chances of the mom catching cold which could render her sleepless through the night.

One way to zero out your chances of raising up to breastfeed your baby is to sleep them on a baby bassinet. The best bassinet for breastfeeding will bring the baby closer to you, so that both of you sleep on separate spot but on a similar level.

This way, you’ll be able to pick the baby for nursing without you having to get up. Besides, you can calm the baby to sleep without the need of sitting up.

Best Bassinets for Breastfeeding

1. Milliard Side Sleeper Bassinet

The Milliard Side Sleeper Bassinet is certainly our favorite bassinet. It can be used as a side-sleeper or as a standalone bassinet. What we love about it is how it collapse on side making it easier for you to pick up the baby for breastfeeding and place them back without a struggle. Plus, there’s no need to wake at night as you can house all you’ll require for your baby in the multiple pockets.

It is also a snap to adjust the height of the bassinet to match your beds height so that you and your baby sleep adjacent to each other at an eye level. Measure the distance between the top edge of the mattress and floor then pick this bassinet if the distance is between 23 and 31-inches.

As a standalone bassinet, it helps eliminate reflux in babies and aid in easier breathing in congested babies when the mattress is inclined. The mattress is soft but firm so there’s zero SID risk. The sheet is top quality and washable with a waterproof cover.

The entire product is pretty large, so your baby will grow with it and it will not break down considering that it is sturdily constructed. It weighs light and it’s super simple to put together.


2. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper lets you sleep next to your baby but on a separate comfortable spot. Breastfeeding at night is therefore easy as it is simple to lift the adjacent baby anytime by unzipping the bed side then place the baby back safely without raising from your bed.

To match your beds height, this cot adjusts to seven different height positions to suit all kind of beds. It connects amazingly to bed to keep it from moving around at night.

You’ll love the mattress that’s firm and incredibly comfortable. The top cover is waterproof and removes easily for laundering. It is large supporting babies up to 5-months of birth or after they’re able to sit up.

I love the four wheels that makes the cot mobile for easier relocation to living room. The wheels lock as well if you want the product to remain in one position.

This cot is solid and secure. Plus, putting together the pieces as well as bringing down is straightforward. It weighs less and folds well for travelling. There’s even a carrying tote to keep the cot clean for outdoor co sleeping.


3. ComfyBumpy Bed Side Sleeper Bassinet

The ComfyBumpy Bed Side Sleeper Bassinet is another amazing piece that lets your baby to sleep separately exactly next to you and you don’t even have elevate to lift them for feeding.

It connects firmly through the use of strong straps and there will be no gap between your bed and bassinet. Connecting the bassinet and bed is pretty simple without the need of extra tools.

The good thing is that it also works well as standalone bassinet if you want the baby to nap by lifting and connecting the lowered side with a zipper. Plus, you can raise the mattress at the head if your baby is suffering from acid reflux.

The mattress is comfy and sleeping sheets are top-quality and clean easily as well. The fabric is tightly woven and does not come loose so there’s no suffocating hazard. You can also store your small baby essentials on the small storage underneath.

The bassinet is bigger so you’ll use it for a while as the baby grows. It is lightweight and super simple to put together so carrying along for safe co-sleeping is pretty easy. The whole piece is sturdy with solid frames.


4. Unilove Hugme Plus Baby Bedside Sleeper & Bassinet

The Unilove Hugme Plus Baby Bedside Sleeper is designed to make your nurturing easy. By allowing the baby to sleep on their own close to you certainly makes breastfeeding a wonderful experience.

No matter what your bed size is, this co sleeper easily adjust to level your bed’s height. Simply use the spin button to adjust to up to six height positions depending on your bed’s height.

The sides are softly padded with two sides encompassing mesh panels for air circulation on warm days. It easily converts from bedside slipper by closing up the sides.

You’ll like the high-density foam mattress which is incredibly comfy and safe. The mattress is firm to avert unnecessary SIDs risks closely associated with newborns. You’ll also love the hooks that connects to the frame to maintain the mattress in a stable position.

Plus, you can simply move the cot to living room thanks to the four wheels that propels the bassinet to your rightful destination.  It even comes with brakes for easy stops.


5. Baby Delight Beside Me Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

This one is also a great bedside sleeper that provides your baby with a separate sleeping spot next to you. Like other bassinets we’ve reviewed, this one also connects to adult bed for more stability at night.

Side panels unzips as well for you to lean over at night for nursing or just to keep an eye on them during the night. Surrounding mesh walls are breathable for constant circulation of air when the baby is sleeping.

It easily adjusts to 6-height positions to match with almost all the adult bed heights. Plus, its simple to convert back from co sleeper to bassinet by zipping up the snug. The sleeping area is a comfy fiber-fill mattress. The fitted cover is waterproof so it wipes easily after spit-ups or after unavoidable milk spills.

Moving to other rooms or away is simple since the product is lightweight, weighing around 19lbs. Plus, it’s quick to set up and bring down on the go for your little one to sleep when they want.


How to Choose the Best Breastfeeding Bassinet

Side Wall Unzips

This should be your number one factor if you’re looking for a nursing bassinet. By unzipping the side wall, you’re able to lift your baby for nursing. You can also calm the baby from the comfort of your bed with less effort.

Since the bassinet and the bed are on one level, it means you can take the baby then place them back without the need of rising.

Solid Straps

The purpose of the straps to fasten the baby bassinet with the adult bed. This maintains the bassinet in one place and keep the cot steady during the night. This way, there will be no gap between your bed and bassinet.

Firm Comfortable Mattress and Washable Cover

The best mattress for newborns and infants is made with a firm but comfortable spot to minimize SIDs risks. If the mattress is not comfy, then rocking your baby on a fussy night will be a lot difficult.

The top cover should be removable and easy to wash too. It should be waterproof to make wiping a breeze. Make sure the sheet is tight as well to reduce the chances of suffocation.

Adjustable Height

There are several bassinet models to chose from, however, if you’re looking for a breastfeeding bassinet, then make sure its height adjusts to level your bed’s height.

By aligning the bassinets height to your, you’ll be able to stretch out and pick the baby for nursing in the dead of night without having to wake up. It’s also a good way to monitor your sleeping baby.

Most models include up to 6-adjustable height positions so you should be able to find the right height position that match with your bed’s height.

Mesh Sides

We have co sleepers with four mesh walls while others are made with two padded sides and double mesh sides. This doesn’t matter though.

What brings the difference is if the bassinet encompasses at least two mesh panels for air movement to cool the sleeping baby. it is also a snap to watch your baby without elevating.

Lightweight and Portable

When looking for a baby bassinet, consider if you’ll be using it at home only or both at home and travelling. If you are looking for a travelling bassinet, make sure it is foldable.

The best portable baby bassinet also includes a set of four wheels for simple movement from bed room to other rooms. The wheels should be able to rock if you want it to be immobile.

Age and Weight Limits

Most baby bassinets are suitable for babies up to the age of 5-months. In terms of weight, that’s around 20lbs of weight and below.

If you are looking for a model with a higher limit, then it’s important to enquire from the user’s manual. Compare the limits of different versions and settle for a larger one with higher limits although this may mean parting away with extra dollars.

Safety Tips When Using a Baby Breastfeeding Bassinet

  • Make sure the model is certified by authorized bodies such as ASTM or JPMA. If it is certified, it means the product complies with set out standards on safety.
  • Ensure the mattress is firm to minimize on SIDs risks in infants and newborns.
  • Make sure the mattress sheet is tight and does not get loose to reduce suffocation incidents that may arise when the baby is entangled.
  • Do not use a baby bassinet if the baby surpasses the age and weight as set out by the brand manufacturer.

Wrap Up

Identifying the best breastfeeding bassinet is not easy to new moms since there are tons of models out there all stating to be reliable and top notch. It is even worse because it’s not possible to test every model to ascertain if it’s good. That’s why we did the research for you.

By defining your budget and the kind of features you’d want in a baby bassinet, this guide should help you shop for the best bassinet for breastfeeding for your little wonder!


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