About Me

We are parents of 2 boys – they are 11 and 8 years old. As you may guess, we have learned a lot about babies – kids – what do they need – what parents need – what they really don’t need etc. 🙂

Apart from spending time with them, while they are sleeping we had to spend many hours in front of computer with product researches – especially for the first kid. We didn’t have any help from our parents  and we had to learn everything by ourselves. During these years, we think, we became an expert on baby / toddler products [like many of other parents 🙂 ].

Lately we have started getting all kinds of questions from our friends who are expecting a baby (like all other parents I guess :-)).  We believe, it’s time now to share this knowledge back with other moms / dads 🙂 This is the main reason to start this website. Of course my wife knows much much more about the babies and I know something about websites / IT. By working together, hopefully we will create something useful for all parents and parents ‘to be’.

We will try add content into this website every week (hopefully) with new product areas. First we will give a brief description of the product family and then list our suggestions. We will try to add our own experience regarding to the products – as much as possible / wherever applicable. And also you will see product links – with pictures – for easy reference.

As you will notice in future posts, we do accept advertising and other forms of compensation (basically Google ads and Amazon product links), but this does NOT influence the content given on the site. We do NOT get paid to provide opinions on products, services, or websites. Here you will find only our honest opinions, beliefs, and experiences, and we would never recommend a product or site that we didn’t believe to provide value to our readers. We will get paid only if you click the ads. So; please take a look to ads and if you notice that some of them fits your needs, just check it out… This is not going to cost you a penny, but with this way will will cover our expenses for this site and we will keep the site up & running.

If you like this website, please share the link with your friends and family members.

I’ve designed this website based on a blog software, so you will be able to add your comments / suggestions to other parents. Please spend couple of your minutes to add your comments, so I’ll learn from you as well 🙂

Happy reading 🙂